More Awkward Beauty Conversations

After writing my first awkward beauty conversations post I realised that I'd missed out a few important topics so a follow-up post was in order. 


What I'm about to say will probably sound a little strange but I fear to have dry and cracked skin on my feet so I'm militant with my moisturising routine. And I completely understand why people don't look after their feet because it's just another step in our probably already laborious routine but looking after your feet is so important. Having dry, sore and cracked heels are something that is bound to feel incredibly uncomfortable as well as not looking too pretty either. If you're someone who doesn't mind going to bed wearing socks then slather your feet in whatever hand cream you have lying around or dedicated foot cream. And let them soak overnight and you'll be able to notice a difference immediately. I find foot care especially important during the summer as our footwear choices aren't always the most forgiving. 


If you've ever had an ingrown toenail you will know just how painful they can be to deal with and when ignored they can become quite problematic. To avoid dealing with this at all it's important to cut your nails properly, keep your feet clean, wear shoes that fit properly, be aware of any injuries to your toes and being aware of the natural shape of the nail. As tempting as it might be to just ignore your toes paying attention to them could save you from a nasty infection. 


I just want to preference this but saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with having stretch marks or cellulite because they are completely normal.  I don't know anyone in the world who doesn't have one or the other or both but they've been made into such shameful things by our society. So many of us feel embarrassed or awkward about them.  And whilst I know there is nothing that you can do to get rid of these things I've found by having a good exfoliating and moisturising routine helps with their general appearance. Products like the Balance Me Body Firming Cream* is something that gives the illusion of firmer skin for a short while but it's not a permanent solution. 


Whilst I wouldn't say having thin or fine hair is particularly embarrassing it can be a pain to deal with. My problem is that I have incredibly fine hair but I have quite a lot of it but even taking that into consideration it can still look thin and wispy which personally isn't something I like. There are some great hair care products that can give an illusion of thicker tresses which is great for a quick fix but in the long term, I generally haven't found anything you can use to be all that helpful. Things that are important to bear in mind you're dealing with these two issues are how you part your hair and the style that you have it cut in to. They might seem simple and obvious but they can make a huge difference in the appearance of your tresses and give the illusion of thicker hair. 

What awkward beauty topics do you wish were spoken about more?

R x

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