Motivating Yourself Through The Summer Slump

Every year without fail I go through a complete slump when summer rolls around. My energy levels hit 0 and all I was to do is lay in the sun and read but obviously, I can't do that. And being self-employed makes it just that little more difficult as I'm on the one who has to get myself into gear and I'm completely responsible for myself. Of course, the slump not only hits my workload but my life in general and I find everything takes a hit. So here are a few ways I've been trying to keep myself going and tackle the annual summer slump. 


This will be the 4th year that I've not gone away on holiday so I don't have that to look forward to like most people. But I think having something to work towards, no matter what it is. Helps us all tackle a slump and it gives us the motivation to push through. For me, it's by having a little staycation and taking some time off away from everything which is something I find incredibly hard to do. But just because you're not going on holiday doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to time off. 


Sometimes it can be the smallest things that can give us a huge boost of inspiration. Whilst I think that the internet is incredible and there are so many awesome things that can come from it sometimes it can be a drain on our inspiration as we're constantly consuming what other people are doing. Finding your own ways to boost your inspiration is so important, here are some of my favourites; 

  • Go for a walk with my dog.
  • Read. 
  • Organise and clean out my cupboards. 
  • Go through my beauty stash. 
  • Pilates or Yoga. 
  • Watching a documentary. 
  • Seeing a friend. 
  • Changing up my workspace. 


Often when I feel like I'm burnt out or completely unmotivated to do anything it's because I've not had enough rest. It's such an obvious thing but when you're running on empty and feeling exhausted it's hardly a surprise that we don't feel that urge to motivate ourselves. Prioritising self-care and sleep is something that might not always be an option but when it is it's so important to take advantage of it. 


We all have our routines and I'm a big fan of having a schedule of things to do but when you've been doing the same things for months on end it can get a little too monotonous. Doing something new doesn't have to be huge or life changing, it can even be as small as trying out a new cereal for your breakfast. Switching things up and having some variety is incredibly important I've found for keeping your motivation flowing. Having that one new thing can also make everything else seem a little more exciting too. 

What are your tips for getting through the summer slump?

R x

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