My Top 6 Homeware Buys


It was Summer 2014 when I really started to get excited about buying homewares. And like most, I started off small as I was still living with my dad so it was items like a new duvet cover and cushions but still the excitement was there. Fast forward four years I have now bought a fair few pieces of furniture and chopped and changed what we have in our home. And right now I feel really confident in the pieces we have as they look nice and are functional which is what I need in my homewares. There is no point in filling your environment with things that just look nice but don't serve any purpose in your home. So here are the best homeware pieces that I've ever purchased and were well worth the money! 


This was the first desk that I bought for my office space but as I upgraded my tech and got myself a much bigger screen it meant that I need a bigger work environment sadly. The year or so I did get to use this desk I absolutely loved it, the metal legs in combination with the very weighty bamboo top works perfectly and it doesn't look like a typical IKEA piece. And the 3 desk drawers work perfectly for any notepads and papers you might have but the drawers don't take up a bunch of room like some typical desk options. I've kept this piece as I'm hoping once we sort out our living and dining area that I'll be able to have a min desk area downstairs. It could also work beautifully as a minimal dressing table. 



I hunted high and low for a dressing table last year. I didn't want anything from IKEA as they barely had any storage so I went down a different route. In theory, I love vintage shopping but it's something that takes a lot of time and that's not always an option, especially if you've just moved. I found this piece in a local village and the store offered a free painting service. So I customised the piece to be a duck egg blue and a year later I still absolutely love it. It's held up incredibly well and the drawers are the perfect amount of storage for my beauty products. Although it's from the 60's it's incredibly well made and I imagine I'll keep onto it for a good few years yet. 


white stool

We moved our bedroom around earlier on in the year and I absolutely love how it turned out. We utilised our little alcove more and it makes the bedroom feel a lot cosier but it did mean losing our bedside tables. So I had to wrack my brain to think of something smaller that could hold my lamp and beauty products. A small Scandi style stool seemed like the best option and it not only looks nice but it stops me from having so much crap on my bedside too. As it's quite a tall space I added in a ficus plant behind the stool so it adds a little more interest to the space and I don't need anymore excuses to buy plants.



Earlier in the year I worked with Swoon on a project and was kindly gifted this side table. It lives at the end of our bedroom, which is now where Edie's crate also lives there so it's been pushed to the side slightly but once she's fully toilet trained it will be back where it was originally placed. Anyway, I keep all sorts in the drawers as well as some of my favourite items displayed on top. Even though we use this as an end table it would make the perfect bedside table or in a hallway if you don't have loads of space to play with. 



This is probably one of my favourite furniture pieces that I ever bought. I wanted to add some sort of seating area to my office so it was a toss-up between a sofa and a day bed. I found this sofa in a store local to my area and it was a mere £99 due to it having a mark on the back, which obviously doesn't matter to me. It's so stylish and fits perfectly into the space as well as being pretty comfortable to sit on. I won't lie, the biggest reason that I bought it was for Josie [and now Edie] to sit on whilst I'm at my desk and they absolutely adore it as they can look out of the window. 



One of the best things about IKEA is that you can make your own desk. I have a white table top, Alex drawers and then a trestle leg on the other end. I absolutely love this desk, it's huge and it didn't cost the earth either. I've realised that I love having a bigger space to work at so not only my tech fits but I can have space to properly write and use my stationery etc. The Alex drawers are perfect too as it fits in all my admin, stationery pieces as well as having room for all my wires and cables as they're a pain to store otherwise. 

what are your favourite homeware pieces?