Everything Awesome From June


Well, June was an absolute scorcher of a month, wasn't it? And I'm sure if you're not in the UK then you're probably very bored of people discussing the weather but to have constant warm days it's a big deal for us. And naturally, we don't handle it all that well so it's all we like to talk about. Aside from the glorious and sometimes tedious weather plenty of awesome things happened in the month of June and here are some of my highlights from the month.


the garden

Before we got the dogs our garden wasn't exactly very important to my boyfriend and I. So it was something we always thought that we'd just get round to eventually. But now we're spending so much time out there when it's a reasonable temperature we wanted to give it a refresh as well as make some changes that were in dire need of doing. Earlier in the year, we extended our drive as we have to use our garden as our drive as our tight terraced street simply does not accommodate for all the cars parked on it. So we only have a small amount of grass which we're desperately trying to regrow and our fence really needed replacing. There so were so many panels that we're falling off and with animals, on both sides of us, it simply wasn't safe anymore so it needed replacing. It wasn't the most enjoyable week getting it all done but now we're on the final leg which means a lot of painting. Turns out painting a fence panel is far more difficult than I ever thought and it's going to take me a good while to paint them all. But hopefully, it will look glorious when it's complete.  


Something that I realised early on in the month is that we'd fallen into a rut with walking the dogs in the same spots that we knew were safe for them. As they're high energy and high speed we don't like taking them anywhere with a lot of people and tend to head for quieter destinations so they can properly zoom around without coming into contact with somebody who perhaps isn't so understanding of their breed. So we've been taking different routes and paths and making the most of our beautiful countryside and it's been a lot of fun. We've also noticed that it makes training the dogs easier too, once they've been to the same spot too often then they tend to switch off from listening as the walk isn't fun for them anymore. It's so easy to get stuck into a routine, especially when we've not had a lot of time but it's so important for both of them so we've been getting out earlier to give them more time.  As well as finding different walk spots we've also discovered that Josie is now quite into swimming, which is shocking, to say the least. For months she wouldn't even entertain the idea of water and wouldn't even go outside to go the toilet when it was raining but now she'll happily go for a little swim. Edie chose to join her a few days ago and it was one of the best things we've ever seen. Because she's grey when she's wet she resembles a tiny little seal splashing around. 



Although you wouldn't think it due to the current state of the weather it was a little chilly at the beginning of the month. And being British means you don't ever hold up that much hope that the warm weather is going to stick around but this year it seems to have. So my new style additions to my wardrobe aren't all that suitable now but they will be soon enough I'm sure. I picked up the following;

  • Patagonia Retro Hoody: I've lusted after Patagonia items for quite a while but they are pricey. And I'm not against paying out for things that last so when I found this beautiful hoody I hunted high and low to find but as it was last season it was tricky to get hold of. I finally found it reduced in the sale and have had a good few wears out of it already and I'm far too excited to wear it in Autumn as it's perfect for underneath jackets or alone for warmer Autumn days. 
  • Long sleeved t-shirts: Like I said, these items certainly aren't all that practical right now with our current climate. But, for a typical British summer, a long-sleeved tee is always a good option to have in your wardrobe and I've had these tee's before from H&M and they're great. And they're from the Conscious line which makes me feel a little better buying them too. I love pairing them either with denim shorts or a pinafore. 


June saw me finally get into a better relationship with fitness which was well overdue, it had truly been months since I last felt confident with any type of exercise. And I've found myself getting back into running, which I'm thrilled about as it's my favourite type of exercise and this time I've been able to do it with my OG puppy, Josie. So it's not only made me incredibly happy but it's also made her happy too, as we now have Edie we don't get a lot of time just the two of us. Being able to run with her not only motivates me more to go but it also makes the thing so much more enjoyable. I'm not pushing myself to stick to a routine or set any goals for it, it's simply something that I do because it helps my mental health and it's the biggest help for that.


everything I've loved online

I thought I'd add a new segment to my monthly round-up including all the content that I loved online lately. I'm always trying to support other content creators this seems like the perfect way to do that. Here is everything that I loved online in the month of June; 

  • On Mental Illness - A Cup of Jo:  I always love the content over on A Cup Of Jo but this post on mental illness really struck a cord with me. 
  • 3 Vegetarian Cantonese Cuisine Recipes - Daisybutter: Being vegetarian means I've had to say goodbye to a lot of my favourite Chinese takeout meals but this amazing post from Michelle shows how to make it yourself and make it veggie friendly. 
  • The Dolomites - Wish Wish Wish: Carrie always has the most beautiful travel content out there, it's as inspirational as it is relatable and I find that so rare to come a cross. The photographs from this post are absolutely stunning and totally my type of travel goals. 
  • 3 Marriage Lessons I've Learned - A Beautiful Mess: Honest posts on relationships are something that I crave more and more now I'm older. I've quickly learnt that romantic relationships aren't always amazing and it's just part of an adult relationship, there are always fights and it's absolutely fine. 

posts on from roses 

Just a quick round up of my own favourite content from the month that I hit publish on;