5 Oils & Serums For Any Skin Concern

I'm a sucker for skin care and by far my favourite part of my own routine is using a serum or an oil. Whilst cleansers, toners and moisturisers all make a difference in their own way I know the biggest game changer in my complexion is either the serum or oil. And I know it can be an absolute minefield to battle through all the beauty jargon to find out what might work for you so today I've narrowed down my most loved to share with you today and what they actually do for the skin. 


ANTIPODES HOSANNA H20 SERUM*: This serum from all natural skincare brand Antipodes aims to stimulate collagen in the skin. Which in turn helps the complexion to look plump and healthy which is perfect if you struggle with lack lustre and dehydrated skin. So often serums that give you such a big moisture surge can be incredibly heavy and tacky on the skin but this sinks in quickly and doesn't react badly in combination with other products. The only downside to this otherwise stunning skincare item is that the smell is a little off-putting and of course when you're applying something to the skin if the smell is off putting it's not the most pleasurable experience. 

PIXI HYDRATING MILKY SERUM*: If you really struggle with dehydration and dryness then this milky serum from Pixi is beautiful. The consistency of this product makes it feels like you're massaging velvet into the complexion but it's still super lightweight and absorbs quickly. It's jam packed full of lovely ingredients like rose flower extract, jojoba oil and aloe vera which all feel awesome on the skin. The only downside to this item is that the way it's packaged. The pipette dispenser makes it pretty much impossible to use properly. Which means the product is being wasted which isn't great for a more expensive skincare buy. 


CLINIQUE TURNAROUND REVITALISING OIL: Out of all the oils, I've ever used this is by far my favourite as not only is it an incredible product but it's not ridiculously priced either. As it's a dry oil the skin never feels greasy or weighed down which is probably the number one fear of using oil when you have a more combination skin type. The revitalising properties make light work of smoothing out the complexion and helping diminish any scarring left over from breakouts and speeding along the healing process of anything that's active. As well as keeping on top of any hydration issues without messing around with the balance of the skin. 

OSKIA RENAISSANCE BRIGHTLIGHT SERUM*: Getting rid of scarring and discolouration can be really difficult but this is a product that I'd really suggest looking into if you also struggle with those issues. It feels incredibly light on the skin, it's very much like Estee Lauder ANR in consistency but just a little bit lighter. It gently exfoliates the skin [although you wouldn't think it at all] to reveal a brighter complexion and slough away at the areas that need it. With any product that is designed to tackle scarring and discolouration, it needs to be used consistently over time. However, within a couple of weeks of using this, I noticed a big difference in the brightness of my complexion and the clarity improved greatly. 

OSKIA RESTORATION OIL*: Another one from Oskia, I can't deny that the brand really knows what they're doing when it comes to oils. And this is my do it all no matter what condition my skin is in oil. There isn't anything this beautiful product can't do which of course as it's a pricey skincare option is great. It's unlike most oils because it's not directly targeted at dry skin, it's more for combination and oily skin types but it still works wonders on any dryness. It feels incredibly luxe on the skin and you can instantly feel it making a different to the state of your complexion. In Winter this is a complete dream to use when your skin feels tight and dry from going in and out of brisk winds and heated environments. 

What are your favourite oils or serums?

R x

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