Cut a Caper Has a Dupe?

MAC Cut a Caper £13.50
When word got around that MAC's Cut a Caper was being re-released the whole beauty world was waiting with baited breath. Personally I have never been one for MAC collections and I am not the worlds biggest fan of MAC in general to be honest. However when I saw that this was being re-released I caved in and handed over nearly £20 to get the little beauty. There is no denying that this is absolutely beautiful shade it is officially described as a 'midtone peachy pink' now I think is some ways it definitely is that but there is something about this colour that is so much more of that which I can't quite put my finger on. I think this shade is literally a colour that anybody could wear as I don't say this lightly it really is. It's a lustre finish which I have never tried but I find it really lovely to apply and lasts around 2ish hours and for once I have found this wears always nearly naturally on lips which gets a big thumbs up from me. So overall I am pretty pleased with the product as I did have high expectations for how much of a following it has and sadly because it is a limited edition I might have gone of the quest for a dupe...
Rimmel - Kate Lasting Finishing Lipstick 16 £5.49
And here it is the possible dupe! This is a Kate Moss lipstick from Rimmel in shade 16, I was having a wander round my local Boots whilst on the hunt for shampoo and my eyes wandered over to the Rimmel stand. So there I was swatching away some of the new colours and then I picked up this one. My first thoughts were DUPE DUPE DUPE they really are so similar in colour but the texture is quite a lot different as I found this an more of a matt and slightly drying which is a bit of pain but for the price I can't complain. Now this isn't an exact dupe but they are incredibly similar but the Rimmel one is more pink in colour and a little brighter as you can see below:
Now from the swatches you can see the colour difference but I think they are definitely in the same colour family for sure. I think its great one if you love shades like Cut a Caper but can't get a hold of it as it is now sadly sold out online and don't want to pay MAC prices I think this is such a good find. 
Let me know yours thoughts :)  

Rebecca Warriner