Current Cravings #17
  • I wanted this dress the first time it was stock but never handed over the money as its pretty pricey for what it is but I think I might finally cave.
  • Half of me really wants a small duo fibre brush for cream products but half of me refuses to give MAC £26 for one brush.
  • Ahh thank you Topshop for bringing out a cheaper version of the Ambush boots I will be definitely picking these up when it gets a little colder. I would really love them in brown too so we have to see how funds allow. 
  • I am desperate to try more Origins products as I love the eye cream so much. I think this would work really well in conjunction with my ANR. 
  • I smelt this the other day and ow it smells so good and the bottle is absolutely adorable. 
  • Another Origins product but I have heard good things about this mask so maybe I will give it a go the next time I am near a counter.
  • Finally another skincare product, what is going on with me eh? But I always react so well to Liz Earle although I probably dont need two masks so I better decide. 
Rebecca Warriner