Topshop does Make-up?

L-R Topshop Cream blush in 'Flush', Lipstick in: Innocence, Pillow talk and Secret Admirer. Blush £6 and Lipsticks £8. 

Topshop released there make up line around 2 years ago now? Don't quote me on that though I can't be sure. I don't know why I didn't pick any up as I am in always in Topshop. However I finally picked some up around 2 weeks ago now and I am really impressed with it. First up is the cream blush in the shade 'Flush' this is a very pretty colour although rather bright so I do have to be careful with this otherwise I can look like a clown. It is a cream blusher so I apply it using a stippling brush as I find that way I get a nice application and then it dries to a powder finish. I really want to pick up more of these little blushes as I really like this one so I think the new time I am in a big Topshop I might have a look. Also I might just add this in here but the Topshop packaging is absolutely adorable although I can see it getting very dirty very quickly.
Now onto the lipsticks now I know Zoella absolutely adores the Topshop lipsticks and I can see why. They are only £8 and thats a whopping £6 cheaper than MAC so a much cheaper option and they have a really good colour range. The formula is very creamy but quite glossy at the same time, all around just a good product. Now I naughtily picked up 3 dont ask what happened I clearly lost my mind. I picked up the shades Innocence, Pillow Talk and Secret Admirer and oh they are so beautiful although pretty similar they all look pretty different on my lips. Secret Admirer is by far my favourite I think as I don't really own a colour similar. Like the blushes I really want to pick up more and I have my eye on a few colours! 

So thats my thoughts on the Topshop make up and I do own a few nail polishes too but I dont rate them to highly and I much prefer Essie or Models Own. Let me know if you like the range or not :) 
Rebecca Warriner