Laura Mercier Silk Crème

This is a foundation that has been on my wish list for a long time now and I finally took the very expensive plunge  and purchased it. It is described as a full coverage foundation whilst still being luminous which I think is something that makes this foundation extremely different to others on the market. The lovely lady at the counter matched me to the shade 'rose ivory' which is more of a pink based shade and it is a fantastic match for my porcelain skin and I have found that never oxidizes once applied like I found a few foundations can do.

Although this is marketed as a full coverage foundation I find it more in the medium range of things. Whilst still giving me a beautiful finish it still covers up any old scars from blemishes and any discolouration in my skin. I do still use concealer on any spotty bits just to completely conceal them. Application of this product is an absolute dream and buffs into my skin within seconds which is a major plus point for me as I hate spending a long time on my foundation before work as well to be honest I would rather be asleep. I found this foundation to wear really well on my skin and has the longevity of around 6-8 hours on my skin without any touch ups, I haven't had any problems with caking or uneven wear.

So there we go a completely rave review but I feel it is completely justified. If you have tried this foundation or thinking of trying of it I would love to know. 
Rebecca Warriner