Friday Night Face

I'm not going to lie it is a very rare occasion that I actually go on a night out I am just much more a homely person and I really dont enjoy getting hammered, slight boring of a 22 year old I know but never mind. However on the rare occasion that I do venture out into my home city my make up will always consist on the following; a natural smoky eye and a red lip. 

Base wise do I really need to even say the words? Of course the Laura Mercier Silk Crème is going to be used and my two concealer favourites which are two from Collection, then I use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder as obviously I really want my make up to stay and not looking too shiny. Then I fill in brows like normal maybe with a tad more definition than my normal day to day but nothing crazy. Now here is where I go a little more exciting than usual and I actually contour to give myself some cheek bones that sadly I wish I naturally had but I have little hamster cheeks and to this I use the Benefit Hoola bronzer which is the only bronzing product I own because I generally dont suit bronzer because I am so fair. Blush wise I only for the Benefit Coralista blush just to add a teeny bit of colour to my cheek as I go for red lips you dont want to go crazy on the blusher.

Moving onto eyes I used the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette just for a really simple slightly smokey eye with a little of inner corner highlight so I used Venus in the inner corner, Walk of Shame all over the lid and Naked 2 as a crease colour. Possibly the easiest eye look but I am  honestly terrible with eye make up so the less products I use the better. To make my lashes look a little more defined I tight line my eyes with a Rimmel grey eyeliner sadly I wish I could master a winger liner look but I seem to have a really round eye shape so it just looks ridiculous on me. For mascara I layer the Urban Decay Supercurl mascara and the Collection Skyscraper and I find this gives me a lot of volume, curl and length. Now onto the main point...the red lip, I always use the No7 red lip liner to create a base and then lipstick wise is another number from No7 and its a matte true red colour called 'Cherry' now I must say that these two products use together really stick around all night with minimal touching up quite impressive to say the least. 

And thats it! I know to some this might be a really small amount of products but I really dont like to look overdone as to be honest I just dont think its an attractive look to look you have applied your foundation with a trowel and barely being able to see your eyelashes are so big. So what is your going out make up like? 
Rebecca Warriner