The All Time Favourites; Nail Polish

Nail polish is the one thing I have always owned a slightly more than average amount to the regular girl. It really is just the one thing that makes me feel completely done and I hate the sight of bare nails on myself. So I thought it was about time that I did a whole post dedicated to my all time favourites and colours I use all year round. To start us of we have: Essie 'Fiji' a pastel milkshake pink, Essie 'Absolutely Shore' a pastel mint green, Topshop 'Hocus Pocus' a powder blue, Essie 'Ladylike' a grey toned mauve, Barry M 'Raspberry' a dark red, Essie 'Angora Cardi' a deep purpley mauve, Essie 'Soulmate' a black current colour and finally Models Own 'Grey Day' a deep grey with a hint of blue. 

Despite my extensive collection these are the shades I keep on returning to time and time again some of them are even repurchases for me so thats a true testament to just how much I love them. Its probably quite obvious from my choices that I am a bit of a neutrals girl and nothing is crazy bright even the more summer colours are muted I just prefer more demure shades as when I wear a bright colour on my nails all I do is stare at my hands and get scared about them clashing with what I am wearing but I am really trying to branch out at the moment and wear some more vibrant colours. 

So what are your favourite shades?
Rebecca Warriner