Home Decor 101

I am currently in the middle of switching over to the larger room in my house as I am going to be at home a lot longer than I first thought. Obviously this means I get to re-decorate, I dont know what it is about decorating that excites me so much but I am like a child in a sweet shop. For months I have been continually adding to my home board on Pinterest like theres no tomorrow pining after that perfect white and grey room and now I can finally have it for my own. So I thought it might be nice to show you some of the things that I am currently using for some inspiration for my own decor. As much as I love my current room its just so obviously girly and my tastes have drastically changed and I want to make my room look a lot more simple rather floral everywhere. My room should be finished in a couple of weeks so I will be sure to take some nice photo's of it to show you guys :) 

What do you all think to white home decor?

Rebecca WarrinerInterior