Home Decor 101 Pt 2

Last week I posted about moving bedrooms and that post seemed pretty popular so I thought I would follow up with how my room is now looking. As you can see its incredibly white and compared to my old bedroom a lot more toned down with how girly it was. I mean by no means could be this with a boys room but it is a lot more neutral than it was and I am so unbelievably happy with how its now looking. The room was done on a shoe string budget as I am pretty penniless at the moment and re-sorting to selling my life on eBay to fund any social occasions. There are a few more bits and pieces that need fine tuning but I find that rooms do take longer than a day to be complete. A lot of the furniture is from IKEA and that the little odd bits on my shelf are my favourite things that I generally like to keep on show like my Contax T2, jewellery tray and magazines that I am currently reading. 

So I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing how things have come along :) 

Rebecca WarrinerInterior