Oh for the love of lipstick

There is something I need to admit..I have a problem with lipsticks, I must own over 20 and the silly thing is day to day I dont even wear anything but a tinted lip balm out of sheer laziness. I dont know how this even happened as I love to sift through them and plan to wear them but then it just doesn't happen. So here it is an ode to wear my lipsticks more maybe this is some sort of a beauty resolution to use the things that I love. Now don't get me wrong for a special occasion or if I am going out at night I always wear a red lip I guess its become a slight tradition with me but I find thats easiest way to show I have made much more of an effort with my appearance when I actually haven't gone crazy but day to day my laziness gets the best of me. 

What item do you neglect due to laziness?
Rebecca Warriner