Cream vs Powder Round #1 Blusher

Aside from having a serious addiction to nail polish I also may have a slight problem when it comes to blusher. I am very fair skinned and find bronzer just doesn't sit well with my skin tone at all so I rely on blush to boost my complexion. I didn't really discover the world of the cream blush until last year when I picked up two from Topshop and ever since I have kept my eyes peeled for any other offerings from the high street. Even though there are plenty of high end offerings in the cream blush department I am yet to pick any up although when I do finally decide to take the plunge it will definitely be for the Stilla cheek and lip duo in the shade 'Lilium'. Note I apply for these blushes with my fingers and then blend out with the Real Techniques stippling brush as I find that gives me the best application. 

Topshop were the first ones to really bring it in the cream blush department and I own the shades 'Head Over Heels' and 'Flush' both very bright and definitely more suited to the warmer months. The consistency of these blushes are very much a cream to powder formula and give the same look as if I did just use a powder blush. Whilst I do love these blushes and I use them throughout the warmer months the shade range is just a little too bright for my tastes at times. Bourjois recently released 4 cream blushes and these little pots received a lot of hype in the beauty world and its not often that I get really excited about new releases and I try not give into it but these. The shade range may only consist of 4 but they are much more wearable and a lot more subtle than the Topshop offerings. Again very much a cream to powder formula but I find these leave a beautiful glow to my cheeks and in turn completely demolishing the need for a highlighter. I picked up the shade 3 'Rose Tender' and 4 ' Sweet Cherry' they are very much me shades and deliver enough to colour to perk my skin up without looking to Aunt Sally like. Then two wild cards are from Maxfactor and Natural collection and Maxfactor isn't a brand that I really ever buy from but I had a £2 off voucher and this product kept on popping up so I wanted to give it a go. I picked up the shade 'Soft Pink' as its the only one that caught my eye. The formulation is buttery soft whilst still packaging a punch with pigmentation and when it dries it has a beautiful sheen to it so I am pretty impressed with it so far although the packaging is little to be desired but its a good product so thats all that matters. I have always been a fan of Natural Collections blushes and there powder blush in 'Pink Cloud' is one of my all time favourites and I remember picked up this cream blush in the shade 'Rosy Pink' now its not the best with colour pay off but it glides onto the skin so easily to give a slight wash of colour and for £2 I can't really argue with that. 

So there we go my round up on cream blushes and I have to be honest my absolute winners are the Bourjois and the Maxfactor numbers. Are you fan of cream blushers or are you more of a powder girl? Also what is your favourite cream blush?
Rebecca Warriner