Notes from a Stationary Obsessive

There isn't many feelings that top starting a fresh notebook for me. From an early age I have always had a thing about stationary I don't know how it all began but I remember being very happy when I would receive a pack of 36 brand new Crayola crayons all beautifully colour categorised. If my parents gave me money to go into town with my friends it wouldn't be cheap make up I would be buying oh no it would be a notepad and pen of some sort or those tiny animal shaped erasers. Oh and getting to pick a brand new pencil case at the beginning of a school year was always a highlight. 

I am an obsessive list maker and I mean really obsessive to the point I have a to do list every day without fail I try and write everything down and even though I have list apps on my iPhone I don't think you can beat putting pen to paper. I like to split all aspects in my life into separate notepads that way things dont get muddled up and lost and that way everything is organised. So of course of the many years I have had my fair share of notepads and become some sort of stationary connoisseur (I am kidding obviously) As I studied a creative course at university I got quite familiar with paper weights and type and what works well together so this only spurred it on. 

My ultimate favourites are Moleskines you really cannot beat them for quality and as I like to write in ink they go hand in hand together. For my birthday I received the Cath Kidston and Moleskine anniversary note pad which was a limited edition release I love the little collaborations that Moleskine do and I always eye up the white ones which are exclusive to Selfridges when I pop in. Completely polar opposite in price are the Muji notepads which are ridiculously cheap yet I find them so appealing I think its the simplicity of them and as you can get them in so many sizes so its handy when you want one for your hand bag. Of course theres the usual suspects like Paperchase which is where I try and get my cards from as they carry such cute designs and you can often find little gems in there. The last place I like to browse is Etsy and obviously thats the known place for all things quaint and often there not expensive at all but you do have to be careful because some of them may be from America and obviously shipping can get quite pricy. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this it was really fun to write about something different and I really want to get more lifestyle and personal posts up. Are you like me and covet pretty notepads or the pukka pad type? Im currently eyeing up the beautiful Rifle Paper Co note pads that Essie posted about here oh they are just so pretty and also that Martha Stewart collection is too cute.