Clay Mask Clan

When I think of face masks I think of the clay mask kind I have fond memories of me and my sister using them till we couldn't move out faces anymore. When I really started to get serious about my skincare it was the first mask that I added into my routine but which one is my favourite?

Clay masks work at clearing and clarifying the pores to leave you with clearer skin, they are particularly handy if you are prone to breakouts and suffer with blackheads. Personally I don't like to go for a clay mask when I have a lot of active breakouts I prefer to go for something like the Origins Out of Trouble mask and if my skin is feeling a bit drab and congested I go for a clay offering. I had heard a lot about the Origins Clear Improvement mask from various bloggers so off I trotted to Origins counter and purchased with hesitation. Like with all my masks I apply it using an old foundation brush just to narrow down any mess or waste and remove with a muslin cloth. The Origins offering is actually my least favourite out of the three that I own and this is due to it just being a little too harsh for my tastes whilst it does exactly what it is made for it certainly does pull everything out that has been lurking in my pores. It also however leaves me with some real nasty breakouts which isn't quite the desired affect I would like it also the hardest to remove as when it dries you really do have to scrub at your skin to remove it.

The Super Facialist by Una Brennan is quickly becoming one of my favourite skincare brands it is affordable and easy to locate in the isles of Boots. Whilst the products were a 1/3 off a while a go I picked up a couple of items and her clay mask offering is pretty dreamy as well as the rose hydrating mask might I add. This mask offers a good level of purifying as well as hydrating the skin too, it doesn't dry too hard so is simple to remove. After use my skin looks clear and fresh and any breakouts I do have are less aggressive. The final clay offering I have in my stocks is the Organic Surge First Class mask* and I have to say this is actually my favourite by far. A non drying formula filled to brim with natural ingredients that cleanses and nourishes dehydrated skin at the same time, particularly around this time of year I need a mask to deep clean my pores but not leave my skin feeling de-hydrated and this fits the bill and from what I have read online I believe this could be very similar to the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey mask. The packaging also gets top marks too due the pump in an ideal world all skincare or make up products should have a pump it just makes things so much easier to get even distribution. Only slight niggle is that Organic Surge products are not too easy to get hold of unless you live near a John Lewis which I believe is the only store to stock them.

What is your favourite clay mask?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty