Home Decor 101 pt4

My bedroom interior constantly changes I take away and add things weekly and as it is getting into that festive season I have been adding the odd item here and there.

Festive and myself don't really go together it's a well known fact between my friends and family and I have been called Scrooge on more than one account. However this year I am trying my best to make a little more of an effort to get into the Christmas spirit and what better way than through home decor? Ok so I hardly think a little wreath and reindeer pillowcases is going to change my ice cold spirit deep down but at least my room is a little more winter appropriate than it was before. I have also been adding more general items onto my vanity like these sweet little trays from IKEA I like to rotate items on there so that they all get a little bit of use. 

So thats me for the time being I am now on a hunt desperately to gather some pinecones together and fashion some sort of decoration out of them. Have you made any changes to your interior lately?