Seasonal Attire

Now the cooler months are well and truly upon us I have been adding some pieces to my wardrobe that will see me through. 

A denim jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe for the past 4 years but I wanted a warmer one to see me through winter. A shearling lined denim jacket definitely wont be too everybody's taste (lumberjack anybody?) but believe me it is like wearing a hug, granted I don't wear the most practical coats in the winter but I think this has to be my warmest purchase to date. Of course knitwear is a standard attire and I have been digging out some gems in TK Maxx lately of course this means you have to put some time aside to hunt through the rails but it is worth it. This is the first year I have actually bought a parka coat instead of just eyeing them up there are so many available up and down the high street all at varying price points you are bound to find one you love. 

Tartan is huge this A/W and there is no way I am bold enough to wear anything but a simple tartan scarf, I get asked quite a lot of Instagram and it is a Primark find but I have no idea if they still have it in stock. Along with a scarf gloves are key and whilst I should probably invest in a pair of touch screen ones I just couldn't pass up these adorable bunny mittens from Topshop (these were actually a gift from my boyfriend he clearly knows me well). When it isn't pouring down with rain my footwear of choice is either my New Balance or these Clarks desert boot wannabe's and paired with a pair of wool socks (I like Goodhood or American Apparel for them) my feet are kept toasty.

Rebecca WarrinerStyle