Bath Treats

There is nothing a hot bath can't fix in my opinion, whether it be a cold or a broken heart or when your joints hurt so much you think your arm is going to fall off (like mr potato man in Toy Story, see this gif). I have always loved having a bath I can lay there for a good hour or so especially when I put my laptop on my dressing table stool so I can watch either The Carrie Diaries or Modern Family they are my normal shows of choice. Of course a good bath isn't complete without some sort of bubbles or something to make the water feel like silk and these are my favourites. 

The cheapest option of the bunch is the Imperial Leather Soft Touch bath cream, for less than £1 it's a huge bottle and you really can't fault it on anything. With only a small amount you can get a bath full of bubbles that always stay around for my entire bath, my favourite scent is the jojoba milk & vitamin e as it seems to leave my skin so soft afterwards. I also really love the Radox one if I am feeling something a little more musky, really between the two it is down to which one is on offer. Now a more pricey option is the Philosophy sweet fluffy cupcake shower & bath gel, this has many uses to offer it can even be used as a shampoo which isn't something I personally use but the option is there. At £14 they are expensive for what they are so I always try and pick one up in the January sales as they go down to half price and the £7 price tag is easier on my purse and they last a good 4-5 months. If you have ever smelt one of these you will know they are highly scented and almost a little sickly sometimes but with small amount popped into my bath it fills the room with that sweet scent and you leave smelling like an edible treat. 

A bath oil is something I turn to if I want a real treat and mostly on the evenings when I like to have a good soak and a face mask working its magic on me. The Neom Organic Bath & Shower Indulgence Set* is perfect for said occasion, I like to put a couple of drops into my bath which creates the most beautiful spa like scent. They are also lovely to use on the legs when shaving it creates a certain slip to the skin and gives me some seriously smooth pins afterwards. On those nights when my back has just had enough of being hunched over my laptop all day I use the Conscious Skincare Bath Soak*, the lovely sweet orange and frangipani fragrance gives off a sweet but relaxing aroma. As this doesn't give me any bubbles I sometimes like to mix the two together so I have the benefits of both but if you have sensitive skin the bath soak would be perfect alone. I stupidly forgot to photograph the Laura Mercier almond & coconut honey bath which I received at Christmas which believe me it may be pricey but oh the smell alone is just heavenly, as it is so expensive I like to save it for special occasions as I want to savour it for as long as I can. 

What are your favourite bath treats? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty