Giving Pepta-Bright a second chance

Pepta-bright and I did not get on on our first few encounters, I thought it was far too much for my skin and then put it down to the culprit of a nasty breakout. Months passed and it remained untouched in the spare room which seems to be the home for all unloved products in my house at the moment. I was suffering from a patch of troublesome skin over Christmas but it's hardly a shock considering cheese became my main food source and I ate more strawberry creams than I care to admit. So I thought maybe it was time to give this another whirl to see if it was down to the combination of products I was using at that time and a few months later it is a different tale.

This is a cream/serum that aims to improve skin clarity and brighten up scars and reduce pigmentation, as I'm only 23 I don't think that my skin reaps all the benefits that it could do for me. However my skin is lack lustre and I scar very easily from blemishes and the redness stays for months sometimes over a year if it has been a particularly bad one. One of my main concerns was that this might be quite drying on the skin but I am happy to say it doesn't do that in the slightest as lets face it in these months we don't need anything else sucking the moisture away. I have found on active breakouts it can sting slightly which doesn't bother me now but upon the first few applications I did find it slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes and then it settled, so if you have very sensitive skin I might be a little wary. I have noticed my skin is by far looking a lot more radiant since slotting this into my AM and PM routine and the scars are slowly looking better but I think I need to use this for a few more weeks until I can see a huge difference with those.

At £29.99 this is the cheapest option I have tried aimed at reducing scars and brightening the skin but not my favourite. The Origins Mega Bright skin tone correcting serum holds the crown for me when it comes to helping those scars fade. Seriously expensive but if you pick it up in a CCO there is a considerable discount and in my opinion completely worth it. It feels like silk when applying to the skin and leaves it feeling amazing there is no irritation at all on active breakouts and I noticed results much quicker when using this (I have gone through two 30ml tubes). Pepta-bright is a good product there is no denying that and I will use this tube up but it just isn't quite as amazing as I had hoped but I know Corrie absolutely adore it. Skin care is a very personal topic to talk about because we all have different needs and what works for one might not work for another.

Have you tried Pepta-bright or anything else that claims to brighten up the complexion?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty