Which Cleanser?

Cleansers were my first venture into the world of skincare and with so many on the market it is hard to know which one is suitable for you. Before 2011 I had only used a 'face wash' as a cleanser the realm of milks, balms, gels, creams and waters all seemed too much for me. So over the past three years I have finally worked out which formulation is suitable for me whatever state my skin might be in. 

I don't believe that a micellar water should be used to properly cleanse your skin, they are amazing make up removers but to actually remove dirt and grime which can built up over the day you actually need to wash your face. The most famous of course is Bioderma we have all heard about the wonders that the red capped bottle contains but it is expensive and still not easily accessible. Many high street brands have released their answer to the coveted water but my favourite by far is the L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar Solution it is the best I have used and the price is purse friendly. I am also trying out the Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water as I got my mitts on it yesterday in Superdrug thanks to you guys telling me it was in there.  

As I refuse point blank to give into the Emma Hardie hype as in all honestly I don't have that much money to spend on just one product. I dabbled with the Boots Botanics Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm but I found it just that bit too heavy due the amount of shea butter in my skin can be slightly sensitive to such rich ingredients. Then I moved onto the Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Balm and this is the one I have stuck with. Whilst it still deeply nourishes the skin it gives it a thorough cleanse without being to heavy and it doesn't aggravate any spots I may have. I like to go for something like a cleansing balm in the colder months as I feel that they are kinder to the skin if you have been out the cold all day or in and out of air conditioned environments.

The only gel cleanser I have ever used is the REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel and it is something that on a hot day is perfect. If I have a particularly nasty breakout a gel cleanser is something I find really cooling and soothing on those real angry spots. I can imagine something like this would work well on somebody with acne prone skin as you don't need to use a flannel or hot cloth with it so you aren't tugging at the skin as much. 

It wouldn't be a cleanser blog post without featuring Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish now would it? My first real cleansing love and a product I will always have close to hand because it is just amazing. No matter what is going on with skin I can always rely on this to bring it back to some sort of normal state, it could be dry patches or spots this just works on it. A cream formulation is a good beginner cleanser as it can work on so many different skin types and there are many available all at different price points too, I have my eye on the Clarins one.

A milky cleanser is something that I remember from my teenage years and I know the Garnier Cleansing Milk was always a popular option amongst my friends. The Origins Make a Difference cleansing milk is the one I turn to if my skin is particulary de-hydrated and just looking generally a bit 'mehhhh' real technical wording there. As this doesn't require a flannel or muslin cloth I will take it to my boyfriends or if I am going anywhere over night as I can just use my hands and warm water to wash away. Milks are very gentle on the skin as well as hydrating whilst still giving a thorough cleanse too. 

This is where the balance Me pure skin face wash* fits in to the mix, if I had this during my teens I would have absolutely adored but now it goes a little unloved. It is very rare that skin goes completely crazy with really dry patches and other parts more like an oil slick but in the summer this can sometimes be the case and it needs something to keep it in check I go to this. Other cleansers that I can't quite put my hand on the formulation of is the Philosophy Purity and Origins Mega Bright, I absolutely love both of them but I can never figure out if there a milk,cream or even foaming. 

What cleanser formulation do you like?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty