Operation Carry Less

There is something that us girls have in common and that is that we all seem to carry around huge bags that are so overpacked we are all going to end up with hunchbacks by our 30's. I am a serial over packer I just can't help myself I like to be prepared for every circumstance wherever I go and whenever I go anywhere overnight I just need to have options with me. I wanted to pick up a smaller black handbag which was a similar size to my beloved vintage satchel and when I spotted this one in H&M for only £13 I practically ran to the till with it. 

Day to day I like having a smaller bag to carry so I am not putting any un-necessary weight onto my shoulders and as much as I love bags like my Zara City or Zara Totes they are damn heavy on the crook of my arm when filled. To some this might still look like a little too much but believe me this is considerably cut down compared to the 5 lip balms that were floating around in my Whistles clutch that I was carrying around in a bigger bag before. Of course we have the necessities which are my iPhone 5 in my new Ted Baker case which was a gift from my sister at Christmas it smelt like watermelon at first mmm, then my purse which is just a small one from Accessorize as if I carried my usual one from Ted Baker it would take up the entire bag. Then other things like my headphones, mirror, comb and Ray Ban Erika sunglasses are always in arsenal too especially as we are having some very bright days at the moment very cold but at least the sun is out. 

Now what kind of blogger would I be without carrying some kind of beauty products around with me? I never carry make up around with me as I don't ever find myself needing to top up throughout the day unless I am wearing a red lip. If I am not carrying around a bottle ofCarex I like to have these little handy wipes on me which I picked up a while a go from Topshop as they can be used for pretty much any mishap I may encounter. I've received a couple of Jo Malone samples recently and they come in these adorable little matchbox size boxes which are so easy just to pop into my bag. Carrying around hand cream in the winter time is an absolute must and so is lip balm, my favourite to have on the go with me is this tinted balm from Burts Bee's it adds a beautiful wash of colour as well as an intense dose of hydration. 


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