They go together

I bet there were a few of you out there that you were shocked to see that the Laura Mericer Silk Crème foundation wasn't in my best beauty products of 2013 post. I tried to ween myself away from it last year because it is just so expensive to be wearing every single day and as my skin did really pick up I wanted to have something a little lighter. In the last couple of weeks I have been using it again and it reminded me just how much I adored it in the first place I think it will always reign supreme in my plethora of base choices. But this time I am using it with a new brush and they have become quite the pair used in unison. 

The Real Techniques Expert Face brush is my brush of choice for applying my base and it has quickly become the only thing I like to use for it. I don't know if it is the density of the synthetic hair being packed together so tightly or the slightly curved shape but there is just something about this brush that puts it ever so slightly above my beloved buffing brush. The use of these two together just gives me (on a good skin day note) a pretty much flawless complexion whilst still looking incredibly natural. Notably I don't have perfect skin by any means and I have areas that do need that little bit of extra help but with the LM I can go without putting on concealer on areas of redness within my skin. But on those days that this occurs I feel that little bit more confident about myself, granted this might seem slightly superficial to some but those areas of scaring do make me feel a little bit insecure I am sure we can all relate to that. 

The consistency and scent of silk créme is nothing like I have ever used before, it is very quite thick and rich in pigment. You really do only need a small amount for your entire face and regardless of the slightly thicker consistency it blends in within seconds of blending and buffing. Some foundations I might love but they can take a little while to blend in and achieve the type of finish I am happy with but with this it seems to take under a minute which means I get longer in bed and who can argue with that factor? The price point of this foundation is very high on the scale at £33 but I am still on my first tube that I purchased in October 2012 and I don't seem to be even nearing the end yet so the cost per use factor on this product is spot on. 

Do you have any duo's like this in your routine?

p.s you might have noticed that things look a little different on From Roses and I spent the entirety of yesterday giving it a well over due re-design. I hope you guys like it :) 
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