Oh Pastel Coat

I still the remember the day I saw this coat in Topshop and instantly fell in love with it but £90 for a coat is way out of my price limit, then it went in the sale and they sold out my size and I just had to let it go. Then this seasons answer to the pastel coat was released and yet again I set my hopes on it but mint green is not the most flattering colour on my skin. I become a woman obsessed with the idea of owning something of the pastel nature so I turned to eBay, it is surprising what you can hunt down with key word searches and then I found the original that I had so desperately wanted. 

This is a factory second hence why it has label which I don't really mind but it was still quite pricy to say it came from eBay. It was true love when I opened it up and out fell this beautiful item, piecing together an outfit that doesn't make me feel like an easter egg has been quite difficult though so I have been sticking to monochrome pieces because when you have a wardrobe that belongs to Wednesday Adams. Come Spring when England is still pretty cold I think it will really come the main coat I turn to as it still will keep me warm enough for brisk mornings. 

Are you a fan of pastel coats? 

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty, Style