An ode to bobby pins

Forget about the all products and tools I ramble on about on a daily basis my love for them looks like a mere crush compared my utter adoration for the bobby pin. Such a simple thing and something I would say we all use day to day and lets just all have a moment when we all found that we had been putting them in our the wrong way for years as shown in this illustration. Although there is a magic bobby pin stealing fairy hiding in my house somewhere and I am pretty sure my carpet has consumed half of them too and then whenever I brush my hair at least 5 fall out. 

Without fail I use of these little wonders every single day when I am wash my face I use it to pin my fringe back and same goes for my make up, then when I layer my fringe to style it yep there is one use then too. Then whatever style I decide my hair wants to be in and unless it is completely down there will always be about 10 of them dotted around my tresses. I am sure I am not alone with my love for the bobby pin and the entire female race can rejoice in the joy of those little pieces of wonder. Every year I tend to buy a big pack of them from Boots and they normally last me throughout and I go for the brunette shade obviously. I want to invest in some pretty bobby pins like some copper ones and little bee ones so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty