The joy of fresh flowers

There is something truly delightful about having fresh flowers scattered around my room, I started this addiction last year when tulips became available again and it has continued. In general I like to have plants dotted about the place, my favourite by far are aloe plants and I am probably far too proud of myself for growing one from a seed and it is doing pretty well.

Buying fresh flowers every couple of weeks is probably deemed as an un-necessary expense in my life but as it is the only area I splurge a little as I don't drink or smoke and haven't gone on a night out since April last year so I think it is ok, right? So in the past year I have learnt that Morrisons Aldi are your best place to get flowers at a decent price and the best day is Monday, maybe somebody can enlighten me why flowers are so expensive? Making up your own concoction of bouquets is fun and mixing in filler flowers like this cut down costs, I like using Kilner jars and jugs as vases just to add something a little bit different to aesthetic to my room. I look forward to the seasons changing and I can't wait for peonies to come back into bloom and just fill my room with them like B Waldolfs wedding. Although fake flowers would have the same aesthetic not only are they really expensive they just don't have the same luxury to them so I will stick to my fresh blooms for now.