Desk Essentials

Being a freelancer it means whilst I do get the joys of working at home and I even have a proper desk now but it does mean I spend about 10 hours on average sat at it which is a little unhealthy I admit. Of course when I organised said desk some beauty products had to come along and get a new home with me. 

I have multiple bottles of hand sanitiser scattered around my room and in various handbags, because I own a fluffy white dog it is important to keep my hands clean to stop spreading germs around as she has a habit of rolling in poo gross but if own a dog you will know what I am talking about. My hands and cuticles are unbearably dry at the moment so I am religiously slathering on the L'occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream which provides moisture without leaving my hands greasy which is never good when your are typing away. Working next to your bed it is very easy to just want to get into it and have nap so I keep the MAC Fix + close to hand so I can just spritz it all over my face and perk me up a little bit and liven up my complexion too. Finally is the Lanolips Lemonaid again for hygiene reasons I am happier with having this on my desk than something in a pot, I spoke about it in my January favourites and I still can't get enough of it and I have my eyes on the tinted ones. 

Other things that are essential are my glasses which I seem to be relying on more and more otherwise the screen is so harsh on my eyes. Painkillers too are always close by as I am quite prone to headaches and I can't sit for very long without my stomach and chest getting quite painful and uncomfortable. In my desk draw you can also normally find a either a packet of custard creams or some fizzy laces you know in case of a dire emergency.

What do you keep by your desk?