Curly Sue

My hair is natural stick straight, no matter how desperately I attempt to keep my natural tousled wave in that appears when towel dried, but one I have half arsed pointed the hairdryer in my direction they always dissapear. So I have to resort to heat styling them in but my biggest issue is the frizz that seems to appear as soon as the curls are set into place. Something I never considered that even though I have naturally straight locks is to use a curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner. I just automatically presumed it wouldn't be suitable for me but oh how wrong I was. Yes I know even from just including half of my face my chronic bitch face is still strong.

Enter the John Frieda Dream Curls range*, I had used a mask from from the Frizz Ease range before when my hair was really damaged and it worked wonders. They recently reformulated this line, as I didn't try it previously I cannot pass judgement whether it has improved or the old formula was better. When I unwrapped this parcel I was a little nervous if I could even review it as like I said I don't have naturally curly locks but then I thought about how much frizz I get when I use either my GHD's or the Enrapture Totem Styler. So I put these items to work, as I only wash my hair every 3 days I pretty much have to plan my hair style around what shampoo & conditioner I use as some are better than others for certain styles. From using the Dream Curls Shampoo & Conditioner* I noticed my hair felt incredibly nourished especially on the ends which are a little damaged. Then when my hair was towel dried I used the Frizz Ease Recovery Serum* to help any split ends that I might have and this is quite heavy in formulation but does the job without weighing down the hair. 

So then I got onto styling my hair and when I do put waves or curls into place I like to style them so they're facing away from my face as that is the most flattering on me. Once I have the look that I want I run the Dream Curls Enhancing Oil* through the curls breaking them up so they look more relaxed and natural. I always worry about using an oil on dry hair but this is really light weight and I mean look how pretty it looks in the tube? My hair stayed like this all day with hardly any fall out and I didn't even set it with a hairspray as I wanted to see how well it held up without. If you struggle with frizz and have natural curls I would highly suggest this range I was certainly impressed.

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