Foregoing Foundation

Never did I think there would come a day that I would choose not to wear foundation. Given my skin isn't too terrible but it isn't the best either and having that base has almost become a security blanket for me. Although a few weeks a go I went into Sheffield for dinner and a little shop with my boyfriend with absolutely zero make up on and it actually felt quite liberating. I could touch my face without worrying about messing things up and it was awesome. So I thought about it and wondered why I did feel the need for a full base on a daily basis, maybe it is just a habit and the fact I just love wearing make up but certainly not a necessity anymore. 

So I have been foregoing the foundation step a few times a week and got myself into a nice little routine that still gives me coverage without the need for a proper base. I'm getting more and more into primer as time goes on and my latest love is the Clinique Anti-Redness Solutions primer which aims to cancel out any redness into the skin such as blemishes and such. Whilst it doesn't completely get rid it certainly helps with any active spots that I might have as once the glowing shade of burgundy has gone then there much easier to conceal. For under my eyes I use the Rimmel Wake Up Concealer and yes I'm still going on about this is it just so good. Then for any blemishes I work in thin layers with the 17 Stay Time Concealer, I use this in areas that need a little help like round my nose, chin and forehead. A lightweight yet covering formula that doesn't go caky or dry as the day goes on and it has some serious lasting power, not 18 hours mind you but I can't say I have put it to the test for that long. Finally to settle everything down I have been using the Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder, this reminds me of that classic finishing powder reminiscent of something your gran might use. Lightly dusted all over the face it smooths everything and makes me appear a lot more done than I actually am. 

Do you skip the foundation step?
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