Say it on a postcard

I love interiors now I'm more mature to appreciate them and my room changes around so often it is hard to keep track. I'm constantly re-arranging and adding in new bits and pieces and my latest thing has been postcards from Paperchase , I already own a couple which are framed above my bed but they have some new releases. I'm not much of a quote girl but I really liked these two saying 'Be Cheerful' and 'What a classy woman' there nice little reminders to have around. 

I've been looking more into getting some proper artwork to have hung around my room. I used to have a butterfly poster from IKEA but it had a few tears on it so I has been retired now and I have a illustrated map of Paris above my desk now. There is a few donut ones on Etsy that have caught my eye but I'm just being so indecisive so if you have any suggestions for nicely printed artwork do let me know. Another thing I have noticed that I have started to do is stacking notebooks and magazines to store things on top of them like I have shown above on my desk but that has changed around again (see I told you it's a problem). Then I use my ridiculous pile of magazines next to my desk to have cards and cactus's on top to bring a little more greenery into my room. Painting my room pure white was probably one of the best decisions I ever made, it makes it so easy to bring colour into my room in so many more ways without being too much. I also made a sneaky trip to IKEA the other day so expect another interior post soon, I might have got carried away in the pillow department. 

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