A lipstick love affair

If you have read my blog for a long time you will know that me and lipstick have a complicated love affair. I go through fits and starts with it all the time and I love me a red lip but I think I've finally found two everyday lipsticks that are just right for me. I'm not the type of girl that can get away with a really nude lip it doesn't suit my colouring in the slightest and no matter how hard I tried to make them work for me they just don't. My natural lip shade is slightly purple in tone so I try and get something that leans toward a more dusky brown toned pink as that sits well my natural colouring and I've found two good ones here. 

Both myself & Jen have been completely obsessed with the Revlon Matte Balm in 'Sultry' we hunted high and low for this too but when I finally tracked it down and sent one up to her too. Revlon really out did themselves with this release and it easy to see why they have been such a hit. Although marketed as a matte balm I personally find them to leave more a satin finish to the lips. The formula is moisturising and comfortable to wear on the lips and doesn't start crack once it has been on a few hours and it really does last hours too. The shade is a deep pink which has a brown undertone to it which makes it wearable day to day and although it is sultry (couldn't help myself) you can build it up to be quite bright. 

The Bourjois Rouge Edition in shade 4 is much more of a balmy offering so if the matte balm isn't really your thing then this could be. My best friend is the reason I bought this lipstick as whenever I saw her she was always wearing this and it just looked like the perfect pink. There is no shimmer to it just a rosy pink shade that sits beautifully on the lips and it's surprisingly long lasting to say how nourishing and creamy the formula is. These lipsticks received a lot of coverage on blogs last year when they were released and for that reason I just dismissed them as when something gets too much blanket coverage I immediately switch off. But I'm so glad I did pick one up as the formulation is beautiful and I think I might even prefer to my MAC lipsticks. 

What is your favourite lipstick of the moment?
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