Bedside Beauty

Much like the rest of the world going to bed is something I really look forward too so I have plenty of beauty products that sit on my bedside table. One word comes to mind when that glorious time comes round and that is hydration, if I could I would probably cocoon myself in hyaluronic acid if I could. Although most of my routine is done at my dresser before hand there are a few extras that remain with reaching distance incase the mood strikes and I feel like I really need that one product. 

I used to think pillow spray was a bit of a princess product but I'm telling you there is nothing nicer than feeling like you've just laid your head into a field of lavender, although totally not a necessity it's nice to have around. Especially during winter my skin can get pretty dry and even though I do use the balance Me Radiance facial oil sometimes my skin needs something just a little more rich. I didn't like the Origins Drink up Intensive mask at all when I first started to use it as I thought it was breaking me out but months later I turn to this 3 nights a week. I don't use it all over my face just down my nose and around my eyes as they are the area's that suffer the most from dryness.

I always apply a liberal amount of lip balm before I go to sleep and I switch between the Nuxe Reve de Miel* and the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, most nights I go for the Nuxe but if my lips are particularly dry then I go for the 8 hour cream as that can fix just about anything. As much as I wish I could soak my hands in hand cream and wear cotton gloves to bed I just cant bring myself to, I would feel like a magician. So instead I use a combination of the Essie Cuticle Oil & The Body Shop Almond Hand cream to try and help my cuticles look slightly more presentable and heal any cracks on my hands. 

What do you keep by your bedside?
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