The lesser known blogs

I really hope that no one thinks that I'm arrogant by writing this post as I by no means think I'm a 'big blogger' in the slightest. Lately I have discovered some really beautiful blogs and then I see the follower count and I just think why and how are these blogs not more well known. Although I know that numbers have nothing to do with a good blog anymore and with everyday bringing more and more new blogs to the table it can be so hard to get your name out there. One of my favourite things to see how a blog grows and how the content flourishes, these days I lean towards more lifestyle based blogs as I just don't seem to get as excited about beauty as I once did. 

Kate's blog is the latest to join my Bloglovin feed and I can't get enough of her at the moment, as she's the beauty intern at Elle you can guess that her taste is pretty damn good. She is the sole reason I now have a massive crush on marble surfaces, her Instagram is also pretty dreamy too which you can follow here.

A mix between beauty and lifestyle Lily's blog is lovely to read and as she currently resides in Berlin it is nice to see another part of the world. Her series 'Saturday through a lens' and 'In seven days around the web' are always things I look forward to reading. 

A long time favourite of mine is Audrey & Belle written by Aussie girl Katrina. Her clean aesthetic and photographs are so visually pleasing whilst her writing always leaves me wanting to buy whatever product she is talking about. 

I work with Jade on a weekly basis as she our style writer at ALO but she also runs the blog Paper Thin. One of my favourite style blogs out there her simple yet classic style always opens my eyes to what is out there. Her photoshop collages are something to be admired too. 

The photography and the recipes on Two Red Bowls is absolutely flawless and I mean really flawless. Written by a junior lawyer and her fiance who both reside in Manhattan, you can follow their Instagram here.

I found Fiona's blog through her leaving a comment through on my blog years ago and I really mean that it must be have been two years a go now. Her taste in interior design and style is one that I can't help but love and she doesn't post nearly enough but she will be joining the ALO team so look out for her posting on there. 

Formally known as This Chick's got Style Yara has recently transformed herself into an online guide to pretty much everything you would need to know. Her and her teams tips on building a career for yourself make my day, the advice that they give is absolutely incredible. 

Ok so you sue me I'm promoting my own online magazine but as we've only been launched 3 weeks today so technically were still only a baby. 

I hope you love these blogs as much as I do and please let you me know of any hidden gems that you might be reading.
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