Current Favourite YouTubers

Oh how I love YouTube, I don't even watch TV anymore because I can sit for hours and hours watching whatever is the latest into my subscription box. Nowadays I watch a lot of vlogs, as I just love seeing what people get up to during their days. So here are my latest favourites that have joined my subscriptions.

Simone is a blogger and that is actually how I found that she had started making videos. She resides in Dubai with her adorable little boy Charlie and her weekly vlogs are some of favourites to watch. Her irish accent is oddly soothing to listen too and her dogs oh my adorable.

I've watched Estée's beauty videos for what I'm pretty sure has been years and years now and I'm just as much as fan of her vlogs. Whether they are more day to day or a DIY from Aslan they are so enjoyable to watch and Reggie cam is something I find far too amusing.

Hannah and her hubsand Stephen create weekly vlogs which are such a delight to watch. With a new born baby in their little family it has been so lovely to watch them grow and I think my favourite thing is that they include all of the really unglamorous bits of parenthood too. 

Natalie owns the blog Thunderl0ve and has started to upload YouTube videos more and more often now. She is such a joy to watch and has a great knack for explaining things in such a simple way, also can be all just take a second for that dreamy head of hair she has? 

I remember last year when Rosie had a couple of videos up around this time last year and they were always such a joy to watch so I'm glad is she back to uploading. Her weekly vlogs are so lovely to watch as she is currently in the midst of planning her wedding but secretly all I want is her dog Teddy and my dog Bella to meet and become pals. 

Who are you currently enjoying watching?
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