Learning to Relax

I envy those people who take the evening off and can sit and completely relax as I'm not one of them and it has come a point where I haven't just switched off in months. Becoming self employed is one of the best decisions that I have ever made and I love that I'm completely in charge of my own schedule but it is hard to know when to stop. When I tell people I work from home I always get this kind of response 'oh so you just sit around all day doing nothing', I don't know how people get that impression but trying to then explain what I do on a daily basis is difficult as it isn't a typical job role. 

Lately I've been making a real conscience effort to try and set myself more realistic work hours instead of opening my laptop first thing in a morning and then not closing it till gone midnight. It is isn't healthy to be spending 10+ hours attached to a screen and I know it is the reason that I struggle to get to sleep at night. So I've done something I've not done in a very long time and started reading again, there is nothing better than reading a book and getting completely sucked into the story line. I think because I am constantly reading things throughout the day it has taken the joy out of a little bit but please do leave any book suggestions for me down below. Not looking at a screen for at least an hour before going to sleep has felt amazing and also to have the feeling of paper in between fingers. 

I've always been a bath girl, there is just no better feeling after a long day then getting a hot bubble bath, sounding very typically girly here but it is true. I've been dropping a capful of the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath and Shower Oil* into my bath and it makes for a seriously peaceful half an hour. Although pricy if your after something to really help you relax then I would give this a try as it is lovely product to use and as you only need a small amount it will last you a good few months. I've also been slathering on the Origins No Puffery Eye Mask, as when I've been working all day my eyes can get seriously puffy. I think the rollerball of the this product would probably be a lot more and affective at cooling the area but I keep this in the fridge as it does the job for now. So I think I've made a good start in making time for myself to just completely relax and we all need that in life.

Do you have any tips for a relaxing evening?
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