I always come back to...

I'm a complete beauty floozy and it's not often that things actually get repurchased in my collection. As much as I like to try new products out though I also like having those fail safe products around, they are like my beauty safety blanket. These are the products that I return to time and time again and I'm pretty sure I will continue to buy them for many years yet. 

The La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + is something that throughout the past year and a half has completely changed the condition of my skin. It makes my pores look so much clearer and therefore smaller as well as helping to keep congestion at bay. I've been through around 7 tubes of it and if that doesn't show how much I like a product then I don't know what does. No matter how many cleansers I use I always like to have a tube of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish hanging around. It works whatever condition my skin is and it is something I always find myself reaching for if my skin has had a little meltdown. 

My quest for volumised hair has been well documented through the years of writing this blog but one of the products that has made the biggest difference is the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Spray. It works at adding grit and texture whilst also holding the hair without any crisp or crunch and can be brushed away easily. I struggle with concealer as I don't like anything to be to thick as it tends to gather and the best I've found with a creamy formulation is the Seveteen Stay Time, it actually covers nasty blemishes without looking too heavy on the skin either. I must have gone through four tubes of this stuff and don't  feel the need to try anything else as this gives me everything I need. 

Since picking up the Dior Creme de Rose last year I'm worried it has spiked a little bit of an obsession. with the stuff Even though I love the Nuxe Reve de Miel there is just something about the Dior that I can't get enough of. Nearing the end of my second tube I'm desperate to get my hands on a third but I'm worried that they really have got rid of it for good. Even though Seche Vite smells bad and goes into a gloopy mess I still find myself picking it up time and time again, it gives me such a shiny manicure that I can't resist it although the OPI Rapid Dry is giving it a run for it's money. Whenever I don't know what shade to go for on my nails I usually end up slicking on a couple of coats of the Rimmel 60 Second Polish in Rose Libertine. Such a beautiful pink shade that is quite different to anything else I own, after going through two bottles of this it is safe to it is a firm favourite. 

What do you always go back to?
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