Keeping Organised

Thanks to my summer slump I've really found myself falling behind with my workload. Between this blog, A Little Opulent and then fitting freelance work in when I can and then actually trying to have a life it had all become a little too much. Naturally when I know I have a lot to get on with I do the exact opposite and procrastinate like nothing else, my favourite way is looking at baby bunnies online. So as I've started to pull myself out of my slump I've been making a huge effort to get more organised with my work. 

Naturally I'm pretty regimented and more organised than most anyway but juggling multiple projects at once can be quite overwhelming. I've found myself trying to do a million things at once and not focusing on just one thing and here is what I've found to help me stay organised: 

  • Don't let projects build up to the point of being un-manageable. It is so much better and more productive to focus on one thing at a time and complete it so that way you aren't leaving something undone. 
  • Keep your to do list to a normal level, don't write down all the things you need to do that week. Keeping it day to day is a lot better on your mind so you don't feel like your sinking in a sea of tasks. 
  • Project shouldn't overlap so knowing your limits is key. 
  • One tab at a time, not 50.  
  • Planning is important, knowing your schedule is important but do allow for wiggle room. 
  • Prioritise tasks, for me taking photographs in good light is my number one task everyday. 
  • Hiding from your e-mails aren't a good idea, set yourself a time limit to reply to them and stick to it. 
  • Organise your notepads for separate projects, I have about 10 but if everything was in one then it would be disastrous. 
  • I swear by my work calendar as it notifies me what is coming up and what is due. 
  • If you are self employed and do your own taxes then make sure your receipts and documents are filed away instead of being scattered around your office. 
  • Taking breaks is vital, you're not a robot and therefore can't work all day everyday so make sure you always allow time for them.  
  • Scheduling is such a good way to stay on top of things, I like to schedule my tweets and I use Buffer to do so. 
What is your best advice for staying organised?
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