My Favourite Style Blogs

I don't try and hide the fact that I'm not really fashionable or really all that into fashion but I do enjoy a good style blog. I love browsing through a blog that I can relate to the outfits, as much as high fashion might look cool there is no way you can wear those outfits when you're doing your weekly Tesco shop can you? So here are my favourite style blogs: 

  • Fash n Chips - If only I had the guts to wear outfits like Christine, such beautiful and simple style yet so sophisticated without being too out there.  Whenever I see a post with her wearing a pair of Adidas Gazelles I always want to pick up another pair after selling mine. 
  • Gary Pepper - A blog I like to look when I want to see some seriously beautiful style images. It might not be completely to my personal taste but it an undeniably stunning blog. 
  • Love Cloth - I absolutely love Kim's blog, I not only think her style is awesome but think the added typography to her images is lovely. 
  • Wish Wish Wish - I couldn't do a favourite style blog post without mentioning the lovely Carrie. I love how she will style the prettiest dress and then throw on a leather jacket and ankle boots and of course the photography is just stunning every time. 
  • Mariannan - One of the first style blogs that I ever read and still one of my favourites by far, an ACNE scarf is now at the height of my wishlist. I love how simple Mariannan's outfits are yet she always adds a little extra to them with the addition a luxe handbag. 
  • Steve Booker - Surprisingly mens style is something I absolutely love. Steve just gets it right every time and has beautiful images to go with it. 
  • What Olivia Did - Another blog that I've read for years is Olivia's. Her style is absolutely dreamy and is the queen of the Beehive and fedora.  
  • The Girl In The Bowler Hat - I found Amy's blog through the comments and I'm so glad that I did. I love the variance of posts on her blog and her outfits are just so sweet. 
  • Zipped - I think before I had even started From Roses I was a reader of Chelsea's blog. I can relate to the simplicity of her outfits so much and her Instagram is just a dream. 

What are your favourite style blogs?

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