My Favourite Ways to Procrastinate

We all procrastinate, lets be honest here. No matter how hard working you are I think we all find ourselves avoiding tedious tasks sometimes. I don't always see procrastinating as a bad thing though and sometimes it can actually be productive procrastination, totally a thing right? Here are some of my favourite ways to procrastinate:

1. Tumblr: By far my biggest source of procrastination, however lately I've realised how good Tumblr can be for inspiration. If you get past all the sloths and sex gifs there are some incredible images on there. I like to just sit and flick through it on my phone and it is good to pass the time when you're waiting for the train, however be wary of those sex gifs popping up in public.

2. Tidying: It gets to around 3pm in my work day and this is when my mind usually starts to wander, it usually ends in a nap or I will start to tidy my wardrobe. I'm obsessive when it comes to the organisation of my clothes, I usually tip everything out and put it all back together and have a clean whilst I'm at it. I probably end up doing this twice a week but I'm always left so satisfied afterwards and it makes you look at your clothes differently I swear.

3. Face Masks: Working from home means that nobody really sees me apart from Bella and she doesn't mind if I've got a bright green face mask on. Sometimes I just forget to apply one so lately I've just been giving myself a little facial in the middle of the day and that is far more exciting than starting my tax return.

4. Organising: My make up stash especially is one area I just love to tidy. There is nothing better than opening my nail polish draw to see them all colour categorised. My socks and tight basket got the royal treatment the other day.

5. Lists: I make lists on a daily basis for work reasons anyway but sometimes when I'm really avoiding something I make even more lists that probably don't serve much purpose in my day. Something else I like to do is start a new notepad for a project, there is nothing better than that first page and I take page 1 very seriously.

6. Pinterest: Of course the ultimate source of procrastination. I spend far too much time on Pinterest anyway but one of my favourite things to do is arrange my boards and give them all new covers.

7. Flat Hunting: More than twice a week I will go onto Rightmove and put in an unlimited amount of money and just gaze at all the beautiful flats available and then I think of my life and what it would be like if I lived there and what furniture I would have. I know I'm not alone with this one either ahem Jennypurr.

8. YouTube: I love YouTube anyway, I watch videos on a daily basis but sometimes I like to get a little too lost in the world of sausage dog and penguin videos. It appears to either be animals or designer handbag collections and I've lost hours or maybe even days to them.

9. Magazines: I'm a complete magazine hoarder and I've got a pretty hefty collection stacked by my desk. I either go through and find my issues to re-read them or tidy them up and make sure they are in issue and date order too.

10. Day Dreaming: I mostly do this when I'm at the gym so not really procrastinating but there is one thing that always pops into my head. I always think about what if I won the lottery? It is always a question that seems to pop up in conversation with somebody and I'm pretty sure it is something we all think about from time to time. Also if I won the lottery the first thing I would do is buy a sausage dog, priorities.

 How do you like to procrastinate? 
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