My Top 10 Desk Essentials

Most of my day is spent sat at my desk, so it's important that it's a place that I really love. I'm constantly re-arranging the aesthetics of it but my desk essentials always remain the same and here they are:

1. MacBook Air: The most obvious essential to my desk is my MacBook, I had to purchase a new one in the summer as my beloved 4 year old Pro had given up the ghost. I was in two minds about the air but I'm so glad that I went it as it makes it so easy to take it out and about with me as it's so light. I'm an Apple girl through and through, I don't think I will ever use anything else if I'm honest. 

2. iPhone 5: Although I'm trying to spend a lot less time on my phone in general it sits on my desk with me. I've retired my beloved Rifle Paper Co case and it's now sporting this beautiful feather number from Iconemesis*

3 & 4. Notepads & Pens: My stationary obsessive ways are no secret, seriously I love stationary far too much. My favourites to have around my desk are from Rifle Paper Co, Moleskine and Paperchase. I'm pretty particular about what pens I use and I regular reach for a Sharpie, Biro and gel pen. 

5. Diptyque Candle: Obviously having such a pricy candle sat on my desk is a complete luxury and definitely not a necessity. Particularly in the autumn and winter there is nothing nicer than having a candle lit whilst working away. Normally I just use scented tea lights from IKEA and it is what I will be going back to after I've burned the rest of my beloved Baies up. 

6. Plants: Seriously having either succulents or cactuses on my desk brightens my day, I can't quite explain why but having something that is living around me just seems to make me super productive. 

7. Hand Cream: I try and always hand cream every couple of hours as they seem to get incredibly dry but as I'm sat typing it's super important that it isn't greasy and my current favourite is one from L'Occitane

8. Lip Balm: Such an essential now we are getting into the cooler months. I love the Lanolips Lemonaid as it not only hydrates it all gives them a gentle exfoliation too.

9. Glasses: I have to make sure I'm wearing my glasses whenever I'm on my laptop as it is such a big strain on my eyes which are already getting worse by the day. My pair are from London Retro* and I absolutely love them, they are super light to wear and I never get that annoying indent on my nose if I've been wearing them for a long time. 

10. Post its & Labels: I'm obsessed with labelling things, seriously I'm like Monica Gellar and her label maker. Writing things down on post its helps me stay super organised too, most of my notepads have little sticky notes all over the pages.

What are your desk essentials?
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