14 Awesome Purchases From 2014

I never really round up what I've been purchasing on this little corner of the internet, there is no real reason for this I just don't. This year though I've made some really awesome purchases and a few of them you have seen me wax lyrical about before but I thought I would share 14 of my best buys from 2014: 

1. MacBook Air: By far my biggest purchase of the year but a vital one. My beloved MacBook Pro gave up the ghost out of the blue after 4 years of loyal service so it had to be upgraded to a new model. I was in two minds about getting an Air but I'm so glad I did, I travel around quite a bit and I like to work on the go and this is the perfect model for that. I find it works quicker than my Pro ever did even when running a lot of programmes, storage isn't as issue either as I have an external hard drive that I store everything on. 

2. Nike Roshe Runs: These were an absolute pain to track down in a size 3 but I'm so glad I managed to get a hold of them. Without a doubt these are my most worn pair of shoes of the year and you wouldn't think so by looking at them. They've lasted incredibly well and I don't think I'll need to replace them anytime soon.

3. Rifle Paper Co Botanical Journal: I've completely obsessed with RPC and I'm slowly building up my collection of their beautiful stationary items and my favourite addition this year has been this journal.

4. Zara Tote Bag: I'm a sucker for a canvas tote bag but on the occasion I need something a little smarter I've been using this number from Zara. I'm a sucker for Zara handbags and I pick one up once a year and they always last so well.

5. Garnier Micellar Water: Never again will I buy an expensive micellar water when they sell this for around £3. It removes all my make up with ease and never leaves my skin feeling irritated or dry and it works well with waterproof mascara too.

6. Livework Pens: As a girl who is completely obsessed with stationary I take my pen choice way to seriously and these pretty pastel options from Livework are adorable.

7. Topshop Joni Jeans: I'd been in a little bit of jean rut for a while so I was the hunt for some new ones and the Joni's fit the bill perfectly. I like that they are high waisted as I find them comfier to wear and they still stay skinny all day as there nothing worse than saggy knees.

8. Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes: Technically a gift but still a purchase none the less, I've spoken so much about these brushes recently that you are all probably sick of it. However they are really fantastic brushes and great value for money and oh so pretty.

9. Charles Worthington Texture & Bounce Spray: Probably my best hair discovery this year. It adds so much volume to my hair without making it crunchy or crispy and it holds the hair too instead of it just falling flat straight away.

10. Nike Dri Fit Leggings: In July I joined the gym and since then I've made leaps and bounds with my fitness levels and my Nike Dri Fit leggings have been my best friend. No matter how sweaty you feel you never feel sweaty or soggy and they are super flattering too.

11. OPI Rapid Dry: I honestly thought I would use Seche Vite for the rest of my manicuring days but I got fed up with the shrinking and along came Rapid Dry and knocked it off the top spot. It doesn't leave my nails as shiny but it does work a lot better with a lot of my polishes compared to SV.

12. Uniform Wares Watch: My 24th birthday present from my boyfriend, again I didn't technically buy this but if he hadn't then I was going to. I've lusted after a UW watch for a long time as they are just so classic and generally beautiful. I think watches make the most amazing gifts for people and I will treasure this forever.

13. Anbesol Liquid: I've suffered from severe mouth ulcers for years now and this is the only thing I've found to help keep them numb for a few hours and leave me pain free.

14. Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick: It was between this and the Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry but I've worn this so much on a daily basis that it had to be included. It's such a beautiful shade and I love the formulation as it is long lasting and wears evenly on the lips.

What are your best purchases of the year?
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