My Favourite Activity: Binge Watching

My all time favourite thing to do in my spare time in to binge watch a series. I've been doing it for years, I'm not somebody who watches things when they're released onto the tv I wait until the season is over and just marathon it. My attention span is pretty rubbish so I find watching series so much more enjoyable than sitting and watching a film. Over on ALO Jen has shared series to binge watch on Netflix and here are the series that I love to binge watch, sometimes more than once: 

Mad Men: This is my latest addiction and oh such a good one. For years and year I had been meaning to watch Mad Men but I just never got round to it. I can't get enough of the story behind the advertising agency Sterling Cooper and all of staff members there. I'm completely in love with Don Draper of course and I love the relationship between him and Peggy and Joan. Seeing the creative process behind ads at that time has been fascinating and I'm going to be pretty heartbroken when I get to the end of it. 

The Walking Dead: I discovered The Walking Dead in my second year of uni and finished the first season in one evening, I was completely obsessed with it. It follows Rick Grimes a county Sheriff in Atlanta and his family after the world has seemingly ended and the dead are wandering around eating people. I have to admit I've found the later seasons not to be as enjoyable as the first two but it is still a series that I love to watch over and over again.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S: I've never met anybody who doesn't love this show, I never get sick of the episodes no matter how many times I've watched them. I'm so excited for it to come onto Netflix so I can watch it again to my hearts content. 

The Simpsons: Growing up we always used to watch The Simpsons and I still love it now as an adult, I love the way the show tackles topical issues in such a positive way. I'm forever getting excited about new seasons being released and I love watching the old ones too as they are so timeless. The Simpsons is definitely mine and my boyfriends show, whenever we are getting ready for the day or just want something on in the background we always pick the Simpsons. 

Prison Break: The show that got me through the end of my degree was definitely Prison Break, the first season is absolutely fantastic and sucks me in every time I watch it even though I've watched it so many times now. Although maybe I love PB so much because I've got the biggest crush on Wentworth Miller.  

Gossip Girl: My best friend kept on telling me to watch GG and I'm so glad that I did. The fact that this is set in Manhattan makes me so happy that I could watch it over and over again just based on that. However I do love the story line, I love seeing how much the characters evolve over the seasons, especially Blake Lively what a babe. 

Parks & Recreation: Like most people I didn't love the first season of Parks & Rec but once I got past that I fell completely in love with the characters. April is my favourite by far, she is such a sassy lady and the relationship between her and her husband Andy. 

The Office: This is probably my favourite ever series to watch, I watched it all the way through twice this year and will probably watch it again very soon. I love the dry humour throughout the seasons and the relationship between Jim & Pam makes my heart melt every single time I watch it. 

Sex & The City: A show from my teens that I will always adore, even now I tend to get a little irritated by some of the characters ahem Carrie and Aiden. There is always a situation that any girl can relate to in the show and thats what I love about it.  

Modern Family: There is something about Modern Family that I just can't quite put my finger on. Seeing the family grow up over the years has been lovely and I'm planning on re-watching the old seasons once the current one is over. 

American Horror Story: It was a great day when AHS came to Netflix, there isn't any other season out there like it. My favourite one by far was Coven, it was so great to see such a different range of actresses taking centre stage and of course they were all so damn sassy. I'm not quite sold on Freak Show yet, it's a little hard to follow at times and don't get me started on Kathy Bates accent. 

What do you love binge watching?
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