Switching Off

Over the summer I found myself really struggling to switch off in the evenings, I was still scrolling through Instagram past midnight. Over the past couple of weeks I've been making a real conscious effort to switch off in the evenings, I'm a night owl so typically I'm a lot more productive in the evenings but there has to be a cut off point.

Now the evenings are setting in a lot earlier it's a lot easier to get in the bed time mind set as who wants to settle down when it's still sunny outside? I've started to set myself times in the evening to log out of social media so I'm not tempted to just sit and scroll endlessly into the night. There is no need for me to spend so much time checking what everybody else is getting up to. Along with this I've started to switch my phone off vibrate so it doesn't disturb me when I'm trying to get to sleep, this is particularly hard when my boyfriend is in the states and on a completely different time schedule. However it does mean that I get a completely undisturbed nights sleep so I'm much fresher at 7.30am. 

Before my head hits the pillow I've been making a few changes to what I'm doing before I settle. I'm trying to cut down on how much screen time I'm getting, as I work on a screen all day it is getting a little too much on my eyes. So I've been getting into the habit of reading before bed, I finally got around to picking up Lena Dunham - Not That Kind of Girl. I've nearly finished and I completely flew through it and really enjoyed it. Although there is quite a lot of sex talk throughout I still think it's a good read. When I do feel like watching something I've been ploughing through Mad Men, a series that I've been wanting to watch since university. As a lot of my course was based around advertising photography its absolutely fascinating to see what the creative process was like back then. I've obviously developed the biggest crush on Don, his wife and Joan oh Joan. 

Even just from two weeks of doing this I feel like so much better and a lot more refreshed. When you work from home it's incredibly hard to switch off as my bedroom is also my office so it's like being at work all the time. I will definitely continue working on my little routine and I've got a stack of books that I cannot wait to get stuck into so if you have recommendations then throw them my way! 

 How do you switch off?
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