When You Worry About Everything

Something I don't talk about on my blog is how prone I am to worrying, you name it I can worry about it. Whilst I wouldn't say I'm particularly anxious, obviously we all get a little bit anxious about things but I'm definitely an over thinker and get myself into such a tizzy. Whilst I'm a lot better than I was two years ago I still find myself worrying about the most ridiculous things but here are the ways how I helped myself stop worrying so much. 

When you can't change the situation:  I'm not very good at dealing with situations that I'm not completely in control of. The amount of time I've spent getting upset over things that I cannot possibly change is ridiculous. Last year I learnt that you can worry, cry and get frustrated for days on end and it still won't do anything to alter the situation that you're in. As hard as it is to get yourself out of the habit of doing it you eventually start to feel a whole lot better whatever situation you're in.

Exercise: If I feel myself really starting to worry about something I will pick myself up and go to the gym. There are so many benefits to exercise that go beyond your physique. After an hour or so whatever the initial thing was I was worrying about seems to so far away and not so much of a big deal anymore. 

Remove Yourself: There are certain situations that I've found myself in and I didn't really need to be. By taking yourself out of situations that aren't necessary in your life, it can be hard especially when they are social predicaments. I never used to think much about it but my own state of mind is my number one priority and not something that a lot of other people care about. 

Don't sit & dwell: One of the worst traits I used to have is that I would dwell on situations, I then worry about them for months. It's easy to get consumed by situations but it's also incredibly important to move on and learn from them, don't keep on bringing things up that you know cause bad feeling. 

Care Less: Whilst I'm running the risk of sounding completely heartless with that opening statement hear me out. I used to care and worry so much about what people thought about me that I would lose sleep over it. The day I stopped caring about people think about me was one the best days of my life, it has made me so much happier. Not everybody is going to like you and thats fine, I focus my energy on the people closest to me as they're the ones that matter.

Don't think the worst: I used to think that if somebody didn't text me back within a couple of hours it was because they were dead and I would be planning what to say at their funeral. I laugh at myself now for ever being so ridiculous, it's easy to just presume the worst in so many situations. One of my worst traits is how much I overthink, thankfully this something that I've really worked on but my mind does tend to run away from me. 

Looking for something in nothing: This is something that happens a lot online. People write things on Twitter that be misconstrued easily and appear to be about someone when they aren't. Whilst I do think everybody should be cautious of what they are putting out there (myself included) and how it could affect somebody but sometimes it just can't be helped. Setting a tone online or even through a text message is something that is very subjective and difficult to get right.

Share the Load: I'm my own worst enemy with this, when I really start to worry I shut myself off to everyone around me. Talking to the people you're close too is so important, a worry shared is a worry halved.

How do you cope with worrying?

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