5 New Reads

I'm always on the hunt for new blogs and websites to read and I love adding to new additions to my Bloglovin feed. Lately I've been discovering some awesome blogs and have been throughly enjoying the posts they have been putting out and here they are: 

Written by a magazine writer turned blogger A Cup of Jo is a truly fantastic read. Her beauty and fashion content is always a favourite of mine as well as her many lifestyle posts. There is nothing more I can say really apart from this has quickly become one of my favourite blogs of the year. 

I believe I came across Carrie's blog after we spoke on Twitter but I could be completely wrong here. A really lovely lifestyle blog but she also has a way of writing about beauty too which makes her posts super enjoyable. If you're a dog lover like myself you are bound to fall in love with border terriers too, the cuties!

I discovered this blog through Pinterest and I'm so glad I did. One of their latest posts of christmas wreath arranging was fantastic and I can only dream of being able to make something so beautiful. The weekly round up of new desktop wallpapers are always a favourite of mine and I'm never stuck for ideas when it comes to choosing a new background.  

From Parisian Lea there is nothing I don't like about MSH. She's not been blogging for too long at all but she has got a serious knack for it already and it's been really nice to see her blog growing. Her travel posts are always firm favourites of mine and make me just want to hop on a plane and see some more of the world.

I found Rosie's blog through Katy at Little Winter and it's such a lovely read. I particularly love when she posts about fitness as that is something that I've become really interested in this year and I love reading about other peoples journeys. She also has the sweetest little dog I've ever seen, as you can see I love reading blogs that include their pets. 

What blogs are you currently reading?
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