4 Magazines That I'll Never Stop Reading

Every day I read that the world of print is dying but if those glossy pages are still being printed then I will still continue to buy them. I learnt a lot about the editorial world during my degree and that is when my love for magazines really thrived, there is just something so incredible about them that it's difficult not to fall in love. I read so much online content and I think it's awesome that we have a whole world of knowledge at our fingertips, but there is just something unbeatable about holding the pages between your hands and that dreamy fresh magazine smell. I've got a pretty large collection that I've built up over the years, but here are the four that I don't think I will ever stop reading: 

Kinfolk: This isn't just a magazine, it is more like a small book that is published quarterly. The pinnacle of a lifestyle magazine, it contains everything from personal stories, interviews, recipes, travel guides and general life advice. It's printed on beautiful matte paper which makes it seem much more like a book and something that you would keep compared to something you would read once and just throw away. Another awesome thing about Kinfolk is that it doesn't contain any ad's so you don't have to pour through 100 pages of advertisements to get to the content. 

Oh Comely: I've seen OC grow from its very first issue as it's something that I've been buying since it launched whilst I was at university. I've come to absolutely adore everything that the magazine is about and stands for, it's described as a lifestyle magazine with life and I couldn't agree more. The content ranges from photography to illustrations to funny little stories and letters and I know I'm always bound to love what they produce. The handwritten element is something that is consistent throughout and I love seeing it mixed with photography pieces. 

Elle: The only magazine, that I make a conscious effort to pick up on a monthly basis, is Elle. It's my favourite high-end British magazine and trumps the likes of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar in my opinion. It has a French origin (totally not the reason why I have a soft spot for it) and it covers fashion, travel, beauty and health. There is just something so chic and sophisticated about this magazine and even though I can't always afford what they feature I still love reading it. Elle Home is another favourite of mine, a girl can dream about having an apartment worthy of being featured in there. 

Lula: I will never forget the day that I found issue 7 of Lula in Magma, it was love at first sight. There is just something truly magical about the content that I don't know anybody who can't appreciate what goes into the pages of Lula. The tagline for the magazine is 'Girl Of My Dreams' and that is exactly what it is, a completely dreamy publication but with contributors like Ellen Von Unwerth and Lisa Eldridge you might already have guessed it was going to be good. 

What are your favourite magazines?
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