5 Awesome Budget Buys

I love a good budget buy, there is nothing better than discovering a product that is awesome and doesn't mean you're forced to eat Super Noodles for the rest of the month. Over the past few years the high street has really brought its A game to the beauty isles and now there are so many great budget buys out there but here are five of my favourites: 

Natural Collection Powder Blush: This was my first ever blush purchase over 10 years and I still have it in my collection today, obviously not the same one, I've re-purchased it so many times over the years. The shade Pink Cloud is such a pretty everyday shade, it's a matte that is buttery in formulation and for the £2 price tag you can forgive the cheap plastic packaging.

MeMeMe Dark & Divine Mascara*: Say hello to a much cheaper and less fragranced version of the YSL Babydoll Mascara. The YSL offering is my favourite mascara to date, but the price tag puts me off from buying it again. This gives me beautifully fluttery lashes without clumping and holds as well as any waterproof offering does, it doesn't smudge either which is something I seem to really struggle with. 

No7 Stay Perfect Red Lipstick: If you're after a classic matte red lipstick that lasts all day without drying the lips out then this is for you. No7 are a brand that are completely underrated, due to their marketing mostly and their dull familiarity amongst the beauty counters in Boots. However, they have some absolutely fantastic products and this is one of them for sure. 

Collection 2-in-1 Basecoat: For years, I swore by the OPI Nail Envy but that is incredibly pricey so I needed something that was a little lot cheaper. Before I started using this my nails were in horrible condition, flaky, yellow and brittle. They were in dire need of some TLC and this answers all my base coat and treatment needs. My nails are so much healthier and I know it's from using this, it also provides a really smooth base for any polish you apply over it. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Powder: I've been ditching all my high-end powders lately and using this, even though loose powder is a faff this one is completely worth it. It sets my makeup all day without looking overly powdered which is a terrible look, it even smoothes over dry patches instead of enhancing them. The packaging doesn't thrill me but it's the product inside that matters and it's absolutely fantastic. 

What are your favourite budget buys?
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