Simple Ways To Save Money

Learning how to save money is hard, it's taken me years to get into the habit of making a conscience effort to put some money behind me. Having money behind you for any sort of emergency is really important and even more so when you're self-employed. I've learnt a lot of things over the past year that have helped me save and here are a few easy ways to get saving:

  • Stop buying lunch and coffee out, those £3's add up. 
  • Have a savings account that you can't withdraw from easily. 
  • Make the most out of your store loyalty cards.
  • Always look for vouchers and discount codes online before you buy anything. 
  • Set up a finance system that works for you, I use a notepad and write down everything I spend. 
  • When food shopping make a solid list, it stops you from filling up your basket with un-necessary purchases. 
  • Set yourself a budget each month when all your standing orders and bills have gone out. 
  • Put a set amount of money away each month and make it like a bill for yourself, so you have to pay it.  
  • Cancel any subscriptions that you don't really use like expensive gym memberships. 
  • If you want to buy new clothes then try and sell some items that you're not really using anymore. 
  • Withdraw your weekly budget in cash and then put your card in a safe place so you're not tempted to spend on it. 
  • Make eating out a treat, not a lifestyle. 
Do you have any tips for saving money?
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