A Case Of Writer's Block

We all know the feeling once it strikes, oh writer's block you are a pain! No matter how hard I try at the moment I can't seem to get my words out even when I do manage to think of some I just can't get anything down. Let's state the obvious here though which is that I'm not a born writer. Yes I write blog posts daily and features for ALO but I don't consider myself a literary whizz by any means, it's not something that comes easy for me and it's a big insecurity of mine. Even though I don't find it easy I really love writing, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't do it every day and I've been getting through my writing roadblock by doing the following: 

- Stepping away from my laptop and not thought about it too much, overthinking is the devil. 

- Wrote notes, whenever I'm struggling to type I always like to put pen to paper. 

- Found a way of writing that suits me, as I said this isn't something that comes naturally to me so breaking down the process has really helped. 

- Thinking of the concept before the title, something I constantly do with blogging. 

- Read classic books. 

- Tried switching up my tone a little more. 

- Taking more time to edit my work, it's really important to go over and look at your words with a fresh pair of eyes. 

- Read my posts out loud, helps so much when finding errors.

- Stopped pushing things, if it isn't working then take a step back and re-visit it. 

- Grabbed my laptop and got out the house and worked from a coffee shop. 

- Discovered my perfect time to write: around 2pm and 9pm. 

How do you deal with writer's block?

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